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Ten Thousand Africans

Nov 30, 2017

He is now known as the host of The Minority Trailblazer Podcast, an influential podcaster, with over 300,000+ downloads, a motivational speaker, and a celebrity in his own rights. Speaking in different States and universities across the United States. Hosting workshops and talks at the prestigious Havard University and...

Nov 27, 2017

In this Episode:

- What's the big deal with 1 Million Teachers

- Where the spark came from for 1MT & the focus on teachers

- Addressing the real issues with teaching in Africa; giving teachers the tools to make kids better

- Rewarding teachers for lifelong learning & personal responsibility

- The most entrepreneurial way...

Nov 23, 2017

In this episode: 

- What inspired his venture into the African entertainment scene and Artist Management.

- What it takes to succeed as an artist in African music industry

- The value of consistency and persistence

- The future of African music

- His current roster of artists - Lasgiidi, OlĂș, & Lady Donli


Nov 20, 2017

Rashidi Kiibumba is from the south side of Chicago, father of three boys, and served eight years in the US Navy. He's been a business owner for four years and has dedicated himself to his purpose. His purpose in life is to help and inspire his people, particularly young black youth. He taps into their young minds...

Nov 8, 2017

Ten Thousand Africans Podcast is taking a new direction!! We are increasing our frequency of publishing and diversity of the content produced.

There are also some changes to the website. We have added a blog, store, and avenues for donation. 

It is our hope that you enjoy and appreciate our efforts to improve for your...